unstable WSC 3.0 (vortex)


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ACE Codeeditor

Implements an alternative to CodeMirror
7 70
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3 97
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Sends push notifications to endpoints of several browsers even if your site is not opened at the moment.
6 83
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Contact: No Support via Contact-Form-Checkbox

Users will have to check a checkbox accepting that they won't get support via contact form.
1 17
Latest Update

Conversations: No Support via Conversation-Checkbox

Users will have to check a checkbox accepting that they won't get support via conversation.
1 23
Latest Update

Custom SCSS

Implements a form to save custom SCSS for every style
5 56
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Debian: Mail-Bridge

Manage email-accounts with dovecot and postfix on Debian.
3 30
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Fireball CMS

Advanced CMS for WSC - since WCF 2.0
15 839
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Fireball CMS: Newssystem

Newssystem for Fireball CMS
11 312
Latest Update


Simple newslettersystem for WSC 3.0
6 88
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Redactor: Extension

Implements some features like multilingual support.
6 328
Latest Update


Gives the possibility to manage ToDos in several custom categories on your website
42 1571
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VieCode Shop: Packagesniffer-Integration

Allows specific servers by ip-address to read all available versions (belonging to a product or product option - skipping user related packages which could be private) without granting download-permissions.
3 16
Latest Update

WSC 3.1: WSF 5.0 Compatibility

Makes it possible to install a WSF 5.0 into your WSC 3.1
2 15
Latest Update

WSC-Connect: Extension

Nice features for WSC-Connect
3 71
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