stable WSC 3.0 (vortex)

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ACE Codeeditor

Implements an alternative to CodeMirror
4 65
Latest Update


Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers
1 9
Latest Update

Custom LESS

Implements a form to save custom less for every style
2 100
Latest Update

Custom list of spiders

9 213
Latest Update

Custom SCSS

Implements a form to save custom SCSS for every style
5 56
Latest Update


Be lazy, use the elevator!
3 81
Latest Update

Extended Legal Notice Page

Adds a new page to your website with information about the site owner. (This is required for German websites.)
2 51
Latest Update

Extended Search: Packageserver

Extended Search: Packageserver
1 20
Latest Update

External Cronjob Execution API

Disables automatic cronjob execution and implements a script callable via browser or shell.
6 208
Latest Update

Force Basic Auth

Forces basic auth before anyone can access the site.
2 29
Latest Update

Gäste zum Login umleiten

Leitet Gäste zum Anmelde/Registrierungsformular weiter.
3 121
Latest Update

Google Analytics Integration

Simple integration of Google Analytics
6 141
Latest Update

MysteryCode Guestbook

Provice a powerful and light guestbook on your website.
23 496
Latest Update

MysteryCode Guestbook: Guest-Avatars

Adds the avatar for entries by guests
4 135
Latest Update

MysteryCode Packageserver

MysteryCode Packageserver makes it possible to publish your plugins and applications on your own updateserver in an easy way.
55 816
Latest Update

MysteryCode Packageserver: Community-Features

Implements comments for versions and attachment, long description and likes for packages.
2 25
Latest Update

Profilfeld WoltLab-User-ID

Fetches the username of a user by its userid on
4 124
Latest Update

Redactor: Extension

Implements some features like multilingual support.
6 328
Latest Update


Gives the possibility to manage ToDos in several custom categories on your website
42 1567
Latest Update

Warnhinweis bei veralteten Browsern

Zeigt bei Benutzung von veralteten (nicht unterstützten) Browsern einen Hinweis ein. Dieses Plugin basiert auf
6 200
Latest Update

WoltLab Filebase: Downloadlog

Logs downloads of file versions.
5 166
Latest Update

WoltLab Suite Forum: Custom stats

Some custom stats
4 43
Latest Update