unstable WSC 3.1 (tornado)


Sie können Pakete aktuell nur über das ACP ihrer Installation beziehen; ein Download über den Browser ist nicht möglich.
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Manages the content of .htaccess-files belonging to your WSC installation.
1 17
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ACE Codeeditor

Implements an alternative to CodeMirror
7 70
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Sends push notifications to endpoints of several browsers even if your site is not opened at the moment.
6 83
Latest Update

Contact: No Support via Contact-Form-Checkbox

Users will have to check a checkbox accepting that they won't get support via contact form.
1 17
Latest Update

Conversations: No Support via Conversation-Checkbox

Users will have to check a checkbox accepting that they won't get support via conversation.
1 23
Latest Update

Dynamic Apps

Creates pseudo-applications for placing pages to an own (sub-)domain or path.
2 8
Latest Update

Fireball CMS

Advanced CMS for WSC - since WCF 2.0
15 839
Latest Update

Fireball CMS: Newssystem

Newssystem for Fireball CMS
11 312
Latest Update

MysteryCode Guestbook

Provice a powerful and light guestbook on your website.
23 497
Latest Update

MysteryCode Packageserver

MysteryCode Packageserver makes it possible to publish your plugins and applications on your own updateserver in an easy way.
57 861
Latest Update

MysteryCode Packageserver: BBCode & Quicklinks

Some special features like a pluginstore-button, a button to the shop's item, package and version BBCodes
1 19
Latest Update


Simple newslettersystem for WSC 3.0
6 88
Latest Update


Gives the possibility to manage ToDos in several custom categories on your website
42 1571
Latest Update

VieCode Shop: Packagesniffer-Integration

Allows specific servers by ip-address to read all available versions (belonging to a product or product option - skipping user related packages which could be private) without granting download-permissions.
3 16
Latest Update

WoltLab Suite Filebase: User-Licenses

Öffnet die Lizenzverwaltung für Benutzer
1 9
Latest Update

WSC 3.1: WSF 5.0 Compatibility

Makes it possible to install a WSF 5.0 into your WSC 3.1
2 15
Latest Update

WSC-Connect: Extension

Nice features for WSC-Connect
3 71
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