stable WSC 3.1 (tornado)

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ACE Codeeditor

Implements an alternative to CodeMirror
4 60
Latest Update

Custom SpiderList

7 138
Latest Update

Dynamic Apps

Creates pseudo-applications for placing pages to an own (sub-)domain or path.
2 7
Latest Update


Be lazy, use the elevator!
3 78
Latest Update

Extended Search: Packageserver

Extended Search: Packageserver
1 10
Latest Update

External Cronjob Execution API

Disables automatic cronjob execution and implements a script callable via browser or shell.
6 167
Latest Update

Force Basic Auth

Forces basic auth before anyone can access the site.
2 22
Latest Update

Google Analytics Integration

Simple integration of Google Analytics
6 129
Latest Update

Infinite Filebase for WoltLab Suite Filebase

Extends the functionality of WoltLab Suite Filebase with the power of Infinite Filebase.
1 19
Latest Update

MysteryCode Guestbook

Provice a powerful and light guestbook on your website.
22 426
Latest Update

MysteryCode Guestbook: Guest-Avatars

Adds the avatar for entries by guests
4 118
Latest Update

MysteryCode Packageserver

MysteryCode Packageserver makes it possible to publish your plugins and applications on your own updateserver in an easy way.
52 651
Latest Update

Profilfeld WoltLab-User-ID

Fetches the username of a user by its userid on
4 114
Latest Update

Redactor: Extension

Implements some features like multilingual support.
6 309
Latest Update


Gives the possibility to manage ToDos in several custom categories on your website
42 1471
Latest Update

WoltLab Filebase: Downloadlog

Logs downloads of file versions.
5 127
Latest Update